Our school families, past and present, are our best endorsements. If you are considering the Children's School of Art and Science for your child, we would be happy to connect you with our parents to ask more questions and hear their personal experiences of the school.

quotesAll it takes is one visit and you'll understand why this place is unique."

quotesThe academics are taught in an imaginative way, they've proven that you don't need worksheets and drills to excel in school."

quotesThe class subjects don't rotate on a 20-40 minute schedule, so the children really have time to absorb and master what they are learning."

quotesNo cookie cutter pieces of artwork taped to the wall—there's room for your child to do his or her own thing yet still get an education."

quotesThe Science Exhibition was a marvel. It was evident that the production was a labor of love that brought out the genius in each child. Our daughter said she wanted to do it again. This, to me, speaks volumes about her level of engagement and interest. Thank you so much."

quotesMy daughter literally breaks down sobbing when she is too sick to go to school!"

quotesI want to be in a school where they truly care about me as a person."

quotesOne thing that stands out as really refreshing about the curriculum is the focus on the interests and motivations of my daughter."

quotesThe warmth and patience of the faculty and their wonderful ability to craft an environment for learning is unsurpassed."

quotesThe teachers teach in a way that makes sense and the friendships are great."

quotesa unique and exemplary program for teaching and reaching the whole child, which is desperately needed in today’s haunting educational environment that tends to teach discontent and foster disconnection."

quotesThere is genuine nurturing and caring modeled no matter what the situation. Kids are taught to get along with others and shown how to resolve a conflict when things don't go well."