We work to develop in students a thoughtful, perceptive mind. We also value intuition, empathy, self-awareness, creativity, and inner strength. To this end, we often use academic approaches that go beyond direct instruction:

  • Dialogue as a way of understanding other views and other interpretations
  • Reflection on meaningful connections in their experiences and their choices
  • Textual study as a glimpse of previous work people have done
  • Integration of different kinds of knowledge, to understand how the same phenomenon may be seen through different lenses
  • Active experience in the field, to ground their learning in real life
  • Self-determined goals for learning in order to discover inspiration within themselves.
  • Skills of healthy living for self-awareness and well being
  • Social influences that cultivate a sense of personal value

Through these various modes of learning, we aim to create the true learning community, in which teachers and students share the opportunity to discover and grow.


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