Academics Overview

The academic life of a progressive school includes everything. The motivation to learn comes from an immersion in a community that values many diverse experiences. A favorite animal can become a written story. A theater production can teach the theory of relativity. A rolling ball can become an arithmetic challenge.

At The Children's School of Art and Science, children are expected to learn all the elements of a strong academic program:

  • Reading challenging literature in a variety of genres
  • Creating original artistic works with a broad range of materials
  • Analyzing scientific questions about the physical and natural worlds
  • Exercising the body with physical challenges
  • Studying the varieties of human experience in many times and places
  • Performing musical and theatrical works
  • Solving mathematical questions and problems that require conceptual understanding
  • Speaking and reading world languages
  • Developing self-awareness, communication skills, and compassion for others
  • Valuing a life of moral reflection, intellectual exploration, and service to the world

Our school strives to model the ideal of a learning community, where patience and curiosity encourage children to reach beyond themselves every day.

School Rules